Group Fitness Class Schedule - The ZOO Health Club Boynton Beach


Updated January 28, 2020

07:30am Pump It Up Denise
08:30am Dumbbells/Core Cynthia
09:30am Total Body Cynthia
10:30am Yoga Madison
11:30am SilverSneakers® Mary
12:30pm SilverSneakers® Micah
04:30pm Pilates Roberta
05:30pm Pump Sydney
06:30pm Zumba® Carmen
07:30pm Slow Flow Yoga Diane
07:30am Core w/Weights Denise
08:30am Yoga Barbara
09:30am Ballet Body Cynthia
10:30am Tai Chi Marsha
11:30am SilverSneakers® Micah
04:30pm Stretch Roberta
05:30pm 30 Upper/30 Lower Body Roberta
06:30pm Zumba® Sawang
07:30am Weights & Plates Full Body Denise
08:30am Total Body Cynthia
09:30am Bootcamp Angela
10:30am Power Yoga Madison
11:30am SilverSneakers® Mary
04:30pm Barre Fusion Roberta
05:30pm Pump Lori
06:30pm POUND® Macaire
07:30am Interval Training Denise
08:30am Kick Box & Tone Up Angela
09:30am Total Body Roberta
10:30am Pilates Roberta
11:30am Chair Yoga Scott
12:30pm SilverSneakers® Strength Micah
05:30pm Booty Blast Lori
06:30pm Zumba® Cris
07:30pm Vinysa Flow Mary Jo
07:30am Yoga Scott
08:30am Total Body Angela
09:30am Nirvana Angela
10:30am Tai Chi Penny
11:30am SilverSneakers® Mary
04:30pm Stretch Roberta
05:30pm Total Body Sydney
08:00am POUND® Macaire
09:00am Zumba® Carmen
10:00am Bootcamp Sydney
11:00am Yoga Scott
08:00am Cardio Class Roberta
09:00am Pilates Roberta
10:00am Total Body Roberta
11:00am Yoga Scott

Group Fitness Class Descriptions:

PUMP: Total body workout using weights with lots of reps.

Cardio Circuit: Cardio & weight workout using stations.

SilverSneakers®: For those seeking a slower, less intense workout.

Cardio Interval: Complete workout, including strength & core training, intervals & plyometric training with a cool down & stretch.

Booty Camp: Lower body strength training.

Ballet Body: dance exercises to get you that ballerina body.

Total Body: Strength training for both upper & lower body.

Stretch: A slow, total body stretch class.

Boot Camp: Intense interval training, including strength and cardio.

Core: A workout focusing just on core movements.

Zumba®: Dance & aerobic exercise to Latin-American music.

Pilates: Exercises to improve physical strength, flexibility, posture, and enhance mental awareness.

Yoga: A blend of balance, strength, flexibility, power and self-awareness.

Thia Chi: A series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner & accompanied by deep breathing.

Top Guns: Upper body strength training with weights.

Spin® Core: 40 minutes of cycling + abdominal workout.

Spin® PUMP: 30 minutes of cycling + 30 minutes of strength training.

Plates: 30 minutes of a total body workout with a weighted plate + 30 minutes of core exercise.

Please wear athletic footwear to all Group Exercise classes except select mind/body classes – Yoga, Pilates, Mind/Body Fusion. Foam mats are available for use but it is recommended that you bring a yoga mat for mind/body formats.

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